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Vitamin C Serum 50ml

This luxurious serum contains 10% Vitamin C to brighten the skin, exfoliate, repair dry and damaged skin, assist with pigmentation and act a powerful antioxidant. 

  • Best suited to:

    ALL Skin Types. Everyone should be using a Vitamin C. Particularly people concerned with pigmentation, sun damage, ageing, dull skin, anyone wanting antioxidant protection, stimulate collagen and elastin production or looking for a beautiful vibrant glow.

  • Benefits:

    Stimulates collagen production and skin cell turnover. Reduces pigmentation and brighten skins.

  • Key Ingredients:

    10% vitamin C, Vitamin E

  • Commonly used with:

    Vitamin A Serum, B Rich, Hyaluronic Serum, Instant Glow Mask, B Rich Glow 


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